Discuss the importance of laws and the requirements

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This assignment will assess learning outcomes:

1) A basic knowledge and understanding of the legal system and legal structure of Gulf Region.

2) An appreciation of the formalities and principles governing the formation of business contracts, formation and organization of business organization.

3) An ability to conduct simple directed research into the legal right and liabilities arising from the affairs of business.

4) An ability to analyse problem situations and apply law to provide appropriate solution.

5) An ability to work efficiently as part of a team.

The task

1- Discuss the importance of laws and the requirements to amend them regularly. Cite examples from the perspective of Oman.

2- Explain with evidence the importance, advantages and disadvantages of the commercial agreements between Sultanate of Oman and any foreign countries.

Explain the steps and procedures taken by the government through its concerned ministry to protect the national companies. (Discuss and analyse the above with your opinion and recommendation)

3- Discuss the concept of conciliation and reconciliation committee as it applies to Oman with examples reflecting their success.

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Reference no: EM13897672

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