Discuss the ethical issues in the observed case
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Your individual field work activity will involve attending the Fair Work Tribunal/Fair Work Australia (FWA), hearing and explaining a case, discussing the business ethics it raises, and detailing the process of dispute resolution in a report.

The report will require you to research, review and comment on the relevant law, related business ethics, and the form of dispute resolution associated with the case you heard.

The format of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.

Assessment Criteria

Discuss the ethical issues in the observed case

Identify the facts of the observed case

Illustrate the relevant law relating to the observed case

Appraise the legal arguments of Counsel in the observed case

Assess the judgement of the observed case


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Fair Work Australia (FWA) is the tribunal of industrial relations in Australia, created under the Act of Fair Work for 2009 as reforms of Rudd Government to regulate industrial relations of Australia. The function include varying and setting of industrial award, resolution of dispute, fixation of minimum wage, approving the agreements of enterprise, and claims to handle unfair dismissal(Charlesworthand Macdonald, 2014).

The tribunal is of huge significance in regulating fair work across the organizations of Australia, as apart from its own functions, it is also performing functions that were performed previously by the Fair Pay Commission of Australia and Workplace Authority.

It is basically an independent body with the authority and power of regulating and enforcing provision in relation with employment conditions and minimum wages, termination of employment, resolution of dispute, industrial action and enterprise bargaining.

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