Discuss the effects of your own enculturation

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Conflicting Viewpoints Essay - When looking for information about a particular issue, how often do you try to resist biases toward your own point of view?

This assignment asks you to engage in this aspect of critical thinking. The assignment is divided into two parts.

For Part I of the assignment, you read a book excerpt about critical thinking processes, reviewed the Procon.org Website in order to gather information, and engaged in prewriting to examine your thoughts.

In Part II of the assignment, you will write a paper to synthesize your ideas. Part II - Writing Write at three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

1. State your position on the topic you selected for Assignment 1.1. 2. Identify (3) three premises (reasons) from the Procon.org website that support your position and explain why you selected these specific reasons.

3. Explain your answers to the "believing" questions about the three (3) premises opposing your position from the Procon.org website.

4. Examine at least two types of biases that you likely experienced as you evaluated the premises for and against your position.

5. Discuss the effects of your own enculturation or group identification that may have influenced your biases.

6. Discuss whether or not your thinking about the topic has changed after playing the "Believing Game," even if your position on the issue has stayed the same.

The paper should follow guidelines for clear and organized writing: .Include an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph. .Address main ideas in body paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting sentences. .Adhere to standard rules of English grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling.

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Reference no: EM13708907

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