Discuss the current state of youth sports in america

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By this time each member of your group has read a significant amount on the current state of youth sports in America. The articles, research, and reports on the Project Play website should have your group analyzing many issues physical literacy and youth sports. The goal of this assignment is for your group to identify the core issues and then select an issue on which your group wants to address.

Section 1: Project Play/Youth Sports 101

The purpose of this section is that you demonstrate command of the literature on the issues that are driving the decline in youth sports participation in America. Identify and define the fundamental issues facing youth sports. This answer should start with a broad overview and then move into 2-3 sentence descriptions of each issue. Be sure to use organize your answer, use transition sentences, and a conclusion sentence.

1 page, single-spaced

Section 2: Focus on a Specific Issue

In this section you will give me a compelling rationale for why you selected one of the issues to focus on for this project. You are answering the question: which issue does your group want to solve? Describe this issue in more detail than you did in section 1. Your answer should include additional research and justification for why this is such a critical issue. Discuss how the information you found influences the decline in youth sports participation and why that is important.

1 page, single-spaced

Section 3: Emerging Themes

The purpose of this section is that you start to synthesize the key themes that are emerging based on the research you did to complete section 2. What emerging themes is your group finding based on your research? What direction do you think the research is pointing your group?

Half-page, single spaced

Section 4: References

Create a reference page in APA style. Must include a total of seven sources, at least two of which are from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

Reference no: EM131401906

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