Discuss the current issues in terms of macroeconomic

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Assignment Discussion: Valuing Harvey Norman (HVN)

Objectives of the assignment: Develop
- Soft skills, the analytical skills
- Critical thinking skills
- Knowledge of the current industry/financial markets
- Team skills

These are some of the most important selection criteria employers are looking for while selecting graduates in finance sectors/industry

How to start:

1. Start with collecting information on HVN:
a. Company overview
b. How it operates
c. Financial performance of the company - look at the share performance, financial statements to collect information on net earnings or profit, EPS, dividend etc (from DatAnalysis Premium)

2. Identify the major competitors of HVN - discuss at least 4/5 peer companies and also discuss the industry in comparison

3. Discuss the current issues in terms of Macroeconomic & Microeconomic factors

a. Macro - such as growth of the industry, production growth, exchange rate etc
b. Micro - such as operation, new competitor (new threat), excessive borrowing etc

4. We will discuss the DuPont ROE approach next week and also in the first workshop, so you can start working on that after next week

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The report has been prepared on Harvey Norman (HVN) limited. This report develops soft skills, critical thinking skills and knowledge of current industry/financial markets. Have stated overview, operations, three brand names, financial performance of the company, major competitors for HVN, current issues in terms of micro and macro-economics, appendix and bibliography. In text Citation has been provided. The assignment is prepared in MS word. It is double spaced with word limit nearly 3100 words (excluding bibliography and appendix). Cover page, page number, appendix and bibliography provided.

Reference no: EM131171385

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