Discuss the core principles of multicausality

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Each discussion must be at least 250 words using the textbook as reference.

Discussion 1

Given the current economic conditions, many American society members are facing tremendous obstacles - both financially and emotionally. They need help. However, there are a multitude of barriers preventing them from accessing the help they need. Discuss the internal and external barriers that prevent people from finding and using human services. Of the many barriers presented in your textbook, choose (2) internal and (2) external to discuss. Why do you think these barriers exist? What are the strategies to overcome them?

Disucssion 2

The logical course of action when given a problem to solve is to first find the cause of the problem. In human services, multicausality complicates this process. Discuss the core principles of multicausality, and explain how this concept is central to understanding the human service field. Provide an example of how ignoring multicausality might lead to an inadequate strategy of intervention when attempting to manage a specific problem. For example: Prohibition was implemented to curb drinking without an understanding of the complexity of alcohol abuse. Include at least three of the principles of multicausality in your example to highlight your understanding of this concept.


Mandell, B.R. & Schram, B. (2012). An introduction to human services: Policy and practice (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN: 9780205838851.

Reference no: EM131239250

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