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1. Discuss the advantages of a database management approach to the file processing approach? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

2. Outline the benefits and limitations of the relational database model for business applications today?

3. How will wireless information appliances and services affect the business use of the Internet and the Web? Explain.

4. What are some of the business benefits and management challenges of client/server networks? Network computing? Peer-to-peer networks?


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The database is an optimized system that provides storage, retrieval and sharing benefits in a secure shell environment. On the contrary, the mentioned activities users to be compromised in file management system (Özsu & Valduriez, 2011, pp.55).

The array of the information in a database system can be managed on the category basis in a column that offer easier search. Thus, multiple people need related to reading and writing is possible to support at the same time. On the contrary, file management system cannot offer such quick and reliable service to that user.

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