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Provide short answers to the following six questions. Your answers should be clear, concise and to the point. Prepare a single document (MS Word or PDF, NOT both) along with title page and submit it online using EASTS.

Question 1: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of star, bus, and mesh physical topologies. Provide real examples of each type.

Question 2: Explain why the OSI model is better than the TCP/IP model. Why hasn't it taken over from the TCP/IP model?

Question 3: Calculate the approximate bit rate and signal level(s) for a 3.5 MHz bandwidth system with a signal to noise ratio of 133

Question 4: Compare IPv4 and IPv6 private addressing. Discuss address ranges and relative sizes. Why don't the same private addresses in different locations cause conflict on the Internet?

Question 5: According to RFC1939, a POP3 session is one of the following states: closed, authorization, transaction or update. Draw a diagram to show these four states and how POP3 moves between them.

Question 6: What is a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and how is it used in P2P networks? Briefly explain how a DHT works with an example of a P2P network.


This assessment consists of six questions assessing a basic understanding of network & data communication models, next generation IP and application layer paradigm. This assessment covers the following learning objectives:

define and explain various Internet technologies;

describe and analyse the role and importance of Internet technologies in the modern world; and

explain how different application layer services such as client-server and peer-to-peer paradigms work in the Internet.

Need a cover page apa style referencing.


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This assignment describes about the various network topology like bus, star and the mesh. their advantage and their disadvantage with the real time example. It also explain about the Distributed Hash Table and its implementation in the peer to peer network and the comparison between the OSI and TCP/IP model as well as the IPv4 and IPV6 addressing.

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Advantage of Star Topology:

•This offers operation simplicity as it is centralized.
•Devices are isolated in the network.
•Removal or Addition of nodes in the network very easy.
•Detection of fault is easier as it is centralized.
•Security risk is less

Disadvantage of Star Topology:

•As it depends on the central hub, failure of the central node may lead to the entire network failure.
•Enhancement of the network depends on the central hub capacity.
•Setup cost is high.

Advantage of Bus Topology:

•Implementation, set up and handling is easier of the network.
•Suitable for small network.
•Implementation cost is less.

Disadvantage of Bus Topology:

•Number of nodes can be limited connected as the length of wire is limited.
•Its efficiency decreases as the number of nodes increases.
•Suitable for low traffic only.
•It depends on the central bus line as it goes down the entire network will down.
•Detection of fault is difficult.
•High security risk is present as all he devices can see what data is transmitted.

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