Discuss operations management and supply chain strategy

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1- Discuss operations management and supply chain strategy

2- How will you define competitive advantage? Discuss with a suitable example from industry.

3- Give example of a global business with which you are familiar. How has globalization of this business affected operations and its supply chain?

4- Demonstrate knowledge of issues required for new product design and market introduction.

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Reference no: EM13840382

Determine the efficiency of the company distribution center

An interesting paper written by Baker (2008) stated that the distribution center is usually the point where customer’s orders are assembled and then dispatched, so clearly the

What steps are required in developing advertising program

What steps are required in developing an advertising program? In addition, how should sales promotion decisions be made? Discuss the guidelines for effective brand-building ev

Continuous review system to control the inventory

If a firm uses the continuous review system to control the inventory, what would be the order quantity and reorder point? The firm decided to change to the periodic review sys

Describe the information-gathering techniques

What key stakeholders in Riordan Manufacturing would you gather requirements from and describe the information-gathering techniques and systems analysis tools you would propos

How should the project manager proceed

A pharmaceutical company is working to introduce a new drug to cure a disease. The drug trials are taking longer than expected, and the marketing team wants to start adverti

Organization to be strategic in managing human resources

Select an organization (a place that you currently work at or have knowledge with) and for this organization, please define how this organization incorporates a “partnership p

Develop a model for the total profit

A manufacturer of mp3 players is preparing to set the price on a new model. Demand is thought to depend on the price and is represented by the model: D=2,000 – 3P. The account

Department is planning to serve the rural communities

A volunteer fire department is planning to serve the rural communities shown in network below. It has just purchased two used fire engine auctioned off by a nearby city. The t


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