Discuss operations management and supply chain strategy
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1- Discuss operations management and supply chain strategy

2- How will you define competitive advantage? Discuss with a suitable example from industry.

3- Give example of a global business with which you are familiar. How has globalization of this business affected operations and its supply chain?

4- Demonstrate knowledge of issues required for new product design and market introduction.


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Operations Management:

Operations management is that area of management that is concerned with activities of overseeing, designing and controlling processes regarding process of production and redesigning business operations that are related to production of goods and services.

Besides this operation management also ensures that organization’s input will provide appropriate output according to requirement. Operational management is an essential field for business organization.

Operations Management consists of two essential terms such as supply chain management and logistics. Operations management is not an easy job to perform. Operation manager must be skilled enough for handling all these operations.

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