Discuss one of your intellectual virtues or vices

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In an essay of no more than 500 words, discuss one of your intellectual virtues (e.g. curiosity) or vices (e.g. arrogance). Briefly explain why you characterize it as such. Share a story that illustrates the ways in which your intellectual virtue or vice influenced a decision you made, with positive or negative consequences. Keep in mind that we are interested in how you will inform, affect, and/or strengthen the honors college experience and academic environment for others.
The Barrett application essay allows you to address our admissions committee in your own voice and helps us to better see you as a whole person and potential member of the honors community. Your submission will also contribute to our assessment of your ability to write effectively, a key skill for success in the honors curriculum.

The essay can't be empathy, curiosity, or arrogance. Cannot use the example in the question.


Reference no: EM13929741

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