Discuss meaning and importance of the goat hill tavern case

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PART I : Traditional essay exam (not IRAC format essays), 1-3 pages in length. Choose A or B:

A. Discuss the public policy reasons for land use law. Describe how federal, state, and local law intersects in this body of law. Why is land use law important in the field of Urban Planning?

-- Or -

B. Discuss the interaction between a city's General Plan, any Specific Plans within that city, and the City's Zoning Ordinance. Describe the function of each (the General Plan, a specific plan, and the zoning ordinance). Describe how federal, state, and local law intersects in this body of law.

PART II : Traditional essay exam (not IRAC format essays), 1-3 pages in length. Choose one:

i. Describe the process for applying CEQA to a planning application which may be exempt, describing the differences between Categorical and Statutory Exemptions.

ii. Describe the enforcement tools available to address unpermitted residential conversions.

iii. Discuss the meaning and importance of the Goat Hill Tavern case.

iv. Discuss the ten factors in Kavanau v. Santa Monica Rent Control Board and explain why-and how-- the California Supreme Court expanded the Penn Central test.

v. Assuming no CEQA exemptions apply to a project, describe the process for completing the CEQA process for a planning application (from pre-application consultation with planners through expiration of statute of limitations for filing a legal challenge).

vi. The Planning Manager has received an application for a new shopping retailer comparable size to WalMart. An Initial Study needs to be prepared for the project. Discuss the issues to be aware of when determining among the four impact levels in preparing an initial study and the associated environmental review documents.



The mayor wants to adopt the following new zoning ordinance: "No religious facility shall be located within 1/2 mile of any freeway." The mayor's goal is to protect the people inside the religious facilities from air pollution and noise associated with freeways. There have been complaints from some worshippers at various churches, temples, and mosques in town of the noise and air issues.

In order to avoid having to do an EIR, he would like to put this ordinance on the June 2018 ballot for the voters to decide. There was a letter circulated by a concerned Buddhist monk signed by several hundred members of several congregations.


In an opening paragraph, describe as many issues as you can identify. (What issues exist? ) The Opening Paragraph counts as 20% of Part III.

Discuss two of the issues you have identified in two (2) distinct IRAC analyses. Each IRAC answer counts as 30% of Part III.

Prepare an outline of your answer before writing the final version of your Answer; include your outline as the last page of your Answer. The Outline counts as 20% of Part III.

This means an Opening Paragraph about as many issues as you can identify, then IRAC re issue 1, then IRAC re issue 2, and then showing the outline.


Reread the scenario.

Look at the two paragraphs.
Outline your answer.
Discuss the limitations facing the proposed ordinance.
Discuss ways in which the mayor's goal can be achieved.

Reference no: EM131310798

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