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This assignment will test your practical Linux/Unix networking skills. A series of screen shots with commentary of the required tasks is to be submitted. The submission has to include an explanation of the tasks all the commands used and the output (or final result) of the task.

Students are expected to research the necessary commands by themselves. There are numerous web sites available that discuss Linux networking. You are expected to list your sources of information for the different tasks.
The tasks will include the following

• Subnetting a small network;

• Setting up this network, configuring all the host interfaces as well as enabling routing;

• Use ping and traceroute to prove connectivity between your hosts;

• Configuring network services.


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Table of Contents:

Introduction 1
Subnetting a Small Network 1
Ping and Trace Route 4
Configuring Network Services 6
References 7

Today here in this report we are going to discuss about Linux Networking. Linux is a powerful operating system with easy to use interface. Linux is considered to be more secure than Windows operating system. Linux networking is also an amazing feature that provide secure interconnection between various computer systems. Linux provide secure networking service to its users and can support multiple network devices.

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