Discuss john rawl theory of justice
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Part One: Answer ONE of the following:  1 to 2 typewritten pages.

1. Discuss the four themes that have run through the history of American Political Thought.

2. Discuss the major political concepts prevailing in England that the early settlers brought with them to the colonies.

3. Discuss the significance of the writings of John Locke.

4. Discuss the difference between "classical liberalism" and "social welfare liberalism".

5. Discuss the political impact of the Puritan New England clergy.

6. Discuss the significance of the "Declaration of Independence".

7. Discuss the major principles and accomplishments of the Constitution.

Part two: Answer ONE of the following: 1 to 2 typewritten pages.

1. Discuss the major contributions of Hamilton, Marshall and Jefferson to building the American nation.

2. Discuss and evaluate the impact of Jacksonian Democracy on American political thought.

3. Discuss and evaluate the impact of the "individualists" on American political thought.

4. Discuss the Northern and Southern sectional and political conflicts that brought about the Civil War.

5. Discuss the development, major criticism and impact of Social Darwinism on American political thought.

6. Discuss the major concepts and impact of the populist and progressive movements.

Part Three: Answer ONE of the Following: I to 2 typewritten pages.

1. Discuss the major concepts of "economic individualism" as articulated by Herbert Hoover and that reason Hoover failed to act in the midst of the Great Depression.

2. Discuss the major concepts behind the New Deal and why the New Deal was successful in making America stable and prosperous.

3. Discuss the development of post World War 11 liberalism, what constitutes the liberal agenda and the post-Vietnam shift of liberalism.

4. Discuss the challenge of the conservative and populist right movements to liberalism, the struggle within the conservative movement and the conservative agenda.

5. Discuss why Seymour Martin Lipset considers the United States the first new nation

6. Discuss John Rawl's "Theory of Justice".

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