Discuss how you think learning more about excel will assist

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Discuss your experience using Microsoft Excel. Discuss how you think learning more about Excel will assist you in your school work and career. What types of spreadsheets have you created or do you plan to create now that you know more about Excel? Identify the templates that you find interesting or might use in the near future.

Reference no: EM13776104

Give the capacity equations for this channel

Suppose A = B = {0,1}, but the channel is not symmetric; suppose a transmitted 0 has probability p of being received as 0, and a transmitted 1 has probability q of being rec

Identify three different types of analysis models

Identify three different types of analysis models (analytical, simulation-based, and surrogate models) that can be used to represent the weight-holding capacity of the table a

Introduce the client''s situation and identify the problems.

Prepare a formal use case narrative. This narrative should use a formal use case format and integrate the narrative into the use cases as suggested by agile development and

Group of professional funding managers

Assessment item 1- Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Due date: Midnight AEST Friday of Week 5 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 30% 1 Length: No fixed length Objectives This assessment

What is the overall input offset voltage

The circuit of Fig. 14.32 is designed for an input offset voltage of 1 mV. If the width of the transistors in the input differential pair of the amplifier is doubled, what i

Develop an entity-relationship diagram as a conceptual model

For the following data requirements analysis description, develop an Entity-Relationship Diagram as a conceptual model that captures all of the requirements to the fullest

What effect did this increased use of corn

Ethanol, a fuel, is made from corn. Ethanol production increased 5.5 times from 2000 to 2008 (www .ethanolrfa.org, May 2010). What effect did this increased use of corn for

Perform the analysis for the engineer at 15% per year

. The undersea route is more expensive initially due to extra corrosion protection and installation costs, but cheaper security and maintenance reduces annual costs. Perform


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