Discuss how web 2.0 and social media have altered

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Write a paper of 1,500 words that responds to the following:

Discuss how Web 2.0 and social media have altered the way in which entrepreneurial and small businesses do the following:

Engage their existing customers

Attract new customers

Listen to employee and customer feedback

Respond to crises

Provide current examples.

Apply Kirton's adaptation-innovation theory to discuss how a newer entrepreneurial venture might differ from a more mature, intrapreneurial venture in its approach to social media.

According to Byers, Kist, and Sutton's article titled "Characteristics of the Entrepreneur: Social Creatures, Not Solo Heroes," entrepreneurs are inherently social people (1997). This article explains why entrepreneurs are highly social by nature. In an article titled "Who's Most Likely to go it Alone?," Alessandra Bianchi offers a set of characteristics that predispose people toward entrepreneurship (1993). These characteristics, for example, come from life experiences such as being the child of an entrepreneur, being fired from multiple jobs, or being either an immigrant or the child of an immigrant.

With these readings in mind, complete the following in a paper of 4 pages:

Profile the founder of a well-known company, and focus on that person's social characteristics.

Include references to the characteristics found in the Bianchi article, and align the characteristics with the founder's personality.

Please submit your assignment.


Bianchi, A. (1993). Who's most likely to go it alone? Inc. Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.inc.com/magazine/19930501/3537.html

Byers, T., Kist, H., & Sutton, R. I. (1997, October 27). Characteristics of the entrepreneur: Social creatures, not solo heroes. The Handbook of Technology Management, Retrieved from http://www.stanford.edu/class/e140/e140a/content/Characteristics.html

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Reference no: EM131265367

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