Discuss how u.s. should prepare for future of public health

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Assignment 1:

Discussion Question 1

(1) Discuss how the U.S. should prepare for the future of public health. For example, discuss some considerations to prepare for and reduce any effects from a bioterrorism attack, prepare for natural disasters, and plan for community disaster preparedness.

(2) In your summation, provide your thoughts about establishing members of a multidisciplinary task force to improve the health and welfare of society for self-betterment, improve lives, and help individuals see a better future.

Assignment 2: Public Health Preparedness Capabilities Model

"Review the Public Health Preparedness Capabilities at http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/capabilities/dslr_capabilities_july.pdf. Pay specific attention to the Public Health Preparedness Capabilities Planning Model. Your report should identify and plan for a state of your choosing with an emphasis on the three defined phases":

(1) Assess current state: Assess organizational roles and responsibilities, resource elements, and performance.

(2) Determine goals: Review jurisdictional inputs, prioritize capabilities and functions, and develop short- and long-term goals.

(3) Develop plans: Plan organizational initiatives, capability building/sustain activities, and capability evaluations/demonstrations.

"Each of the three phases and associated steps must be explored in depth and presented in a 4- to 6-page report. Format your report in APA style, citing appropriate references".

Reference no: EM131102381

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