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Case Study: United States Court of Appeals

* Locate and analyze an appellate court case opinion (state or federal) directly related to the course objectives. See the "Think like a lawyer" framework in the Classroom.

* Explain why you chose this specific case.

* Identify and analyze the issues raised by the opinion, and discuss how the opinion relates to one or more of the course objectives. Include a discussion of the historical context of the case, and practical implications for practitioners or policymakers.

* Locate and discuss any expert commentary (e.g., law review articles) regarding the opinion and any prior or subsequent opinions or articles that relate to the opinion in question.

* Discuss any public policy issues raised by the opinion.

* State and defend your agreement or disagreement with the outcome of the opinion and defend your conclusion.

* Key issues raised by the opinion should be analyzed in depth, with detailed attention to historical context and practical implications for practitioners or implications for legislative or executive policymakers.

Attachment:- Case_Study_United_States_Court_of_Appeals.docx

Reference no: EM13855546

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