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You have been asked to present to the steering committee of your organization a Future of Data Warehousing presentation. Your team has decided to discuss 1) cloud computing, 2) SaaS (software as a service), 3) web, social media, and big data, and 4) real-time data. Create a PowerPoint with a minimum of 5-7 slides to present how data warehousing is headed in these four directions. Include slide notes.

Reference no: EM13866225

Give preliminary information on data requirements for gis

You have been requested to give preliminary information on the data requirements for a GIS which is to be used to hold inventory of continental scale vegetation maps for coa

Determine the fact for the star schema

They also want to know if registration trends are different for female students compared to male students. Here is the schemaView in a new windowfor the operational database

Write a program stored in a file named rain

Write a program, stored in a file named rain.py, that performs the following task. If there is no file with that name in the working directory, then the program outputs an (

Create a database diagram with the entities

Use "Appendix A: Designing Databases with Visio Professional: A Tutorial," to help you complete Section 1: Visio Database Design. (Note: This tutorial focuses on the use of

Write a script that uses a cursor and dynamic sql

Write a script that uses a cursor and dynamic SQL to output one row from each base user table in the AP database. Specifically exclude the tables named "dtproperties" and sy

Derive an efficient computation method

Discovery-driven cube exploration is a desirable way to mark interesting points among a large number of cells in a data cube. Derive an efficient computation method to identif

Execution of the SQL commands - Create Tables using SQL DDL

The appropriate SQL command which should be copied from your source code in MySQL and resultant tables, which must be screenshots to show the change due to the execution of th

1nf figure converted to 2nf figure

1NF figure converted to 2NF figure with a explanation of the steps taken. Once in 2NF, it needs to be converted to 3NF, and explanation of steps taken is needed as well.


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