Discuss briefly the use of inheritance blocking and forcing
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Eduwin College is a successful private college in the outskirts of Lonport. You are required to create an Active Directory structure for the organization based upon a single domain. The organization has three sections each of which has of twelve computers which are Languages, Technology and Business. Each section should each be given their own organizational unit (OU) and the management of the OU in respect of resetting passwords and adding users should be delegated to the appropriate member of the staff who should also be able to read all the user details. This is Francoise Lebonne (Languages), Nick Neverhere (Technology), and Alison Primm (Business). There are six other members of staff with administrative access, Peter Smith-Hampstead who manages the organization, Caroline Cotswold who is the system administrator, Dorothy Liddleton a student records administrator, Donald Truss, a support officer and Brian Bennett a clerical assistant.

You should create a Security Group for the students who will be using the classrooms and and a further Security Group for the three section managers. You will need to be able create a group policy object for each section to set the computer usage, wallpaper and software to be installed on the computers for each section. All users should have access to the V: drive which is used to store applications such as Adobe Acrobat reader.

You are required to show evidence that you can make a sample course notes file read/write for the administrative staff but read only for the students. You are required to show evidence that you can make a student records file read/write for the appropriate section manager but read only for the other section managers.

You are required to discuss briefly the use of Inheritance blocking and forcing giving at least one example each of how it could be used within the Eduwin scenario.

You are required to show evidence that you can prevent student phone numbers on the user information from being read by anyone other than Dorothy Liddleton and the appropriate section manager.

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