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In the essay, you are expected to review relevant literature from books, surveys, published journal articles and other relevant resources to embed your essay within the context of an appropriate evidence base. The essay places policy around genome editing in the context of your studies. It involve finding and critically assessing the literature and incorporating this into a suitable review, along with development of your own thoughts on the issue. It does not require a technical explanation or knowledge of genome editing - only its impact.

Essay titles:
Discuss the biosafety concerns associated with genetic manipulation of bacterial clinical isolates.

See guidance below on essay preparation;

1. Begin by making a plan. This will need to be informed by the reading you have already done and that I have encouraged you to do in advance of each seminar. I have provided an additional document with appropriate links which may be useful in building your resource.

2. Your plan should be specific enough to tell you what topics you want to cover and issues you want to address. The essay questions are quite broad - certainly too broad to address in full in 2,000 words - so you will need to be thoughtful and realistic.

3. Having identified key issues, it might be useful to have them as heading and determine which literature will be useful in addressing each of the key points. This way you will see whether your literature base is appropriate. It will also allow you to start preparing small sections (200 words or so) that can seem a bit easier than just starting on writing 2,000 words - which seems more daunting.

4. This is the key point. Is there a biosafety concern or not

5. Ensure that you reference your work in the style required. Different written work will require different styles of referencing. This is outlined in the assessment guidance, but follow it carefully - it is important.Please the Harvard style guide (with reference list; no need for a bibliography).

6. Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is using the words of others and passing them off as your own. We provide extensive guidance on plagiarism in the student handbook. Work is submitted by Turnitin and cases of plagiarism are always detected.

7. Use grammar and spell check, and correct your work carefully. Nothing undermines your work more than typographical errors, and they are so easy to correct. If in doubt, get somebody else to read it for you as they can often see errors more than you can.

Reference no: EM132184106

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I''d like to write an essay about genome editing and the question is discuss the biosafety concerns associated with genetics manipulating of bacterial clinical isolates.


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• Recent advances in genetics . • Reasons: o Vaccines (nice connect between vaccine need and consequence biosafety in biological risks. o Drug (antibiotic resistance). Further understanding. ? NB: Most manipulations of bacterial are from chemical samples for vaccine and drug production. • Organisms generated. # Biosafety: ( 300 words) • Definition • Levels • GMOs • Legal regulation (who is responsible for the GMO (cu) regulations? e.g. EU, UK and USA. www.hse.gov.uk/biosafety/gmo/who-responsible.htm • Risk assessment / changing: ? Does the work involve a recipient micro-organism is non harmful to the humans and environment or not. / working with micro-organisms # Concern/ Ethics : ( 1400 words ) ? Humans: • Laboratory acquired infection disease • Release – escaping from the lap ? Environmental: o Monitor continually o What is mobilized in this genetic manipulate? o Is that satisfied or not?


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OUTLINES: 1. Introduction 2. Examples 3. Analysing of examples 4. Critical contextualisation 5. Conclusion Key points: # Introduction: (300 words): • Genome editing / CRISPR focus only onbacterial ? Genetic manipulation of bacterial. (conflict) o Categorise 1: organism. Example E.coli K12 Gram positive bacteria + Fungus(Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Gram negative ? Clinical isolate. o Categorise 2: knock out / modification o Environmental = deployment

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