Discuss at least three theories in labor economics

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"If employers can't easily get accurate information from their actual or potential employees about their ability, productivity, and willingness to work hard and stay on the job, then employers will have to figure out mechanisms that will make these persons willing to do things that will send a clear indication of their ability productivity, and willingness to work hard and stay on the job." Discuss at least three theories in labor economics in which employers have figured out such mechanisms to sort out worker with higher productivity.

Reference no: EM132183760

What is the total safety stock precious things holds

Precious Things owns and operates 100 stores across the country. One of the products it sells is an alarm clock engraved with different words. There are three types of words:

Define effective leadership communication

Were you able to find an article on effective leadership communication that related to your explanation of the key issues in this case right away, or did you have to use dif

Define customer satisfaction

Define customer satisfaction. List four variables that are commonly used in customer satisfaction surveys. Describe two things a company can do to keep customers satisfied. Ex

Name at least two other worker protection laws

Name at least two other worker protection laws. What is unemployment compensation? What is social Security? What is the National Labor Relations Board and what does it regulat

Output required to obtain the required production

A company runs one shift a day, 240 days a year to with a total input production of 925,800 units of a product annually. Each product requires one of each of four parts whose

Estimate the annual cost of ordering

A car rental agency uses 96 boxes of staples a year. The boxes cost $4 each. It costs $10 to order staples, and carrying costs are $0.80 per box on an annual basis.

Implementation of contingency plan

You recently received word that Sunnydale’s neighboring town, Shadyville, reported an incidence rate of 10 new cases per 100,000 residents annually for cryptosporidiosis. What

Strategic management based question

As is explained on both the Help screens for the Branded Sales Report and the Private-Label Sales Report, when exchange rate shifts result in a weaker US$ and a stronger Singa


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