Discuss at least three theories in labor economics

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"If employers can't easily get accurate information from their actual or potential employees about their ability, productivity, and willingness to work hard and stay on the job, then employers will have to figure out mechanisms that will make these persons willing to do things that will send a clear indication of their ability productivity, and willingness to work hard and stay on the job." Discuss at least three theories in labor economics in which employers have figured out such mechanisms to sort out worker with higher productivity.

Reference no: EM132183760

Before the norris-la guardia act-federal courts

Protected concerted activities under the NLRA, that covers all workers, unionized or not, include: Before the Norris-La Guardia Act, federal courts: Lockouts are legal as long

What is the marketing value in having a database

What is the marketing value in having a database with customer information? How can this data be used to create relationships with customers? Provide an example of a company y

What three quality tools would work for the portland plant

What three quality “tools” would work for the Portland Plant and why? Have you ever experienced a merger or acquisition? What factors made it successful or unsuccessful? What

Deal with uncertain capacity decisions

How would you deal with uncertain capacity decisions that affects the facility size and organization (e.g., suddenly increasing or decreasing demand for your product, major ch

First orders of business is conducting swot analysis

As the third ever CEO of Apple, one of your first orders of business is conducting a SWOT analysis on the company as it is today. You want to show your staff that you are an e

Explain the pyramid of corporate social responsibility

Identify and explain the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility. Provide several examples of each “layer” of the pyramid. Identify and discuss some of the tensions among t

Benefits and drawbacks of having health program

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a health program that varies by state versus having one that is uniform across the country? Do you find that the positives of sta

New technology currently under development

In this discussion, you will conduct research and locate a new technology currently under development (that hasn't already been profiled by another student) that has not yet b


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