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Question: Teaching Presentation-Discuss and receive approval of your topic from the unit manager, charge nurse, preceptor& clinical professor. The topic must be appropriate for staff or client's needs. Discuss & receive approval for teaching project titleand submit a teaching outline to your clinical instructor prior to the scheduled presentation. The written outline should include:

• Topic.

• Rationale for choosing the topic.

• Introduction to the problem.

• At least one goal.

• At least three behavioral objectives

Bloom's Taxonomy:

Cognitive, psychomotor & Affective domain

• Teaching strategies (research and prepare a poster board, Flip chart, PowerPoint presentation, or other visual aids)

• Evaluation method/tool (pre-test, post-test, return demonstration, etc.)

• Conclusion.

• References (at least 5-6 relevant and current evidence-basedpeer reviewed articles)

Reference no: EM132280952

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