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You just want you to respose to these two discussions, 100 words each.

here is the first one:

After the terrorist attack in France killing and injuring so many innocent people, the French army is conducting for the past two year experiments using golden eagles to track and hunt drowns and make the skies safe. Three male and one female eagle were from their early days have been prepared to go after the drones and then getting rewarded with meat after their catch.

These fast killers can spot a drone mile away and with speed grab with their talons and bring it to the ground and sat on it with their huge wings. Being trained at a French base and given the names of D'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Porthos will soon be able for duty during seminars.

It is a great idea to get help of these fast moving birds. This idea was originally used in Netherlands. Police often use K9 to catch bad guys and now French army is training these birds from young age to hunt the drones in the sky.

These eagles can fly and target drones miles away and it is good idea to use them to keep the sky safe and can be used in the future to safeguard stadiums and other public places.

The Second one:

Personally I do not agree with the use of eagles as a means to take down drones. I feel like there are probably multitudes of other ways to destroy these drones whether thats using drones of there own or other means. I feel like involving an innocent animal in this it is unfair to the animal. Drones can be very dangerous because they are doing multiple things at once.

Although at the beginning of the article it explains that the eagles came as a surprise it won't always be a surprise since this has happened already. If the drone happened to move or really do anything while th bird was trying to grab hold of it the blades that keep the drone flying could possibly cut the bird and injure the eagle. I think risking the eagle is a tad excessive when technology is so advanced that there are much better ways.

I know France is heavily struggling with the invasion of ISIS and is trying to think of the best possible ways to counter attack there movements without starting a full blow war but I do not believe that using animals to fight there battles is the best idea since there are technological advancement as well as the fact animals can be unreliable at times.

Reference no: EM131419353

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