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Research their (Steve Wozniak & Shiego Shingo) biographies in the University Library and on the Internet.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 3 slides. Include the following in your presentation:

Information about each of the thinker's (Steve Wozniak & Shiego Shingo) unique contributions to society.

Reference no: EM131383749

What is the npv of the asset substitution

Your assets have an equal chance of being worth either $1,600 or $800 at year's end. Your debt is $1,000 and due at the end of the year. Now suppose you substitute your curr

Discuss about the converting from fahrenheit to celsius

Example tasks include the following:Entering a number of items and calculating sales tax on a sale; include a step offering a warranty for each item.Converting from Fahrenheit

What is the new generation on each unit

What is the new generation on each unit for a 50-MW load increase? Repeat with D=1.0 pu (i.e., 1.0 pu on load base). Be careful to convert all quantities to a common base wh

What financial statements would you keep

FLP2524 Diploma in Marine Surveying Assignment. As a self-employed surveyor your finance will be an important consideration How would you plan your finances and what financia

What is marketing-customer value-satisfaction and quality

What is Marketing? Distinguish between customer value, satisfaction and quality. Explain the difference between wants, needs and demands. What is included in the marketing off

Cultures style of child-rearing-sleep-treatment

As reported in "Our Babies, Ourselves," what are the three R's (translated into English) in Dutch childrearing? Which culture’s style of child-rearing/sleep-treatment do you

What is the most inventive or innovative thing you have done

What is the most inventive or innovative thing you've done? It doesn't have to be something that's patented. It could be a process change, product idea, a new metric or cust

Tempature of gas affects its volume

keisha wants to measure how the tempature of gas affects its volume. Explain which variable she should change, which variable she should measure, and which variable she should


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