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The assignment is required to brief the reading material.

This is not an essay assignment, however, there is a lot of reading for this assignment.

The reading material includes 7 cases. Please be sure to brief each case.

There are six steps for briefing. .

1. Facts: the most relevant legal facts, often called the key facts, are those facts that pose a question about their legal significance because they seem to establish the elements of an applicable rule of law.

2. Procedural history: the procedural history of a case identifies which party prevailed at the trial level and which party is appealing now in which appellate court.

3. Issue: the issue in controversy is the question presented by the key facts in light apparently applicable rule of law. In order to decide the case, the court must answer the legal question presented by the issue.

4. Holding: a holding is the court's direct response to the issue in controversy. It is that law applied to the key facts of the case that is necessary to decide the particular controversy.

5. Judgment: the judgment is the result or disposition of the case and is usually found at the appellate court's opinion, e.g., "judgment for the plaintiff affirmed" or "judgment for the defense reversed."

6. Reasoning: the reasoning is the court's explanation and justification for its holding.

There is no need to write very detail like an essay for each briefing. However, please complete the briefing as one assignment. Do not separate. If possible, you can also complete in few pages. (one or two pages is ok).
Please write in times new roma single spaced font 12.


Reference no: EM131381684

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