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Your supervisor asks you to see a client who is new to the agency. He is 21 years of age and of Asian descent. His parents had moved to the U.S. when this client was approximately 3 years old to give their only son more opportunities. His parents taught him their native language and educated him about his culture of origin. They were a religious family with a deep sense of devotion to their values of dignity, honor, respect and service.

He recently lost his parents in a car accident while he was serving in Iraq 6-7 months ago. He was serving his first deployment that started about 18 months prior. He also witnessed many of his friends being killed by a roadside bomb approximately 3 months into serving there.

He is recently married and his wife is 6 months pregnant with their first child. She is starting to show signs of complications with the pregnancy and needs to be off work and on bed rest for the remainder of her term. He was honorably discharged to tend to his wife and child but has not found work to support them.

This client currently exhibits severe symptoms of anxiety. He is unable to get any rest due to worry over his wife and child. He is having flashbacks of his friends being killed and any loud noise freaks him out. He reports that he has also not been able to process his parents' deaths and feels depressed all of the time. He has lost his appetite and states he has started to hear voices.

It is your turn to present a case in the outpatient meeting. You bring this description plus your ideas and how to best treat this client to the meeting

What 2-3 characteristics might you consider in treating this client?

Give at least 2 reasons why each characteristic might influence the treatment of this client.

When responding to other postings pick a different position than the person you are engaging in the discussion in order to further the discussion

Reference no: EM131360254

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Discuss about the post given below

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