Discuss about the data-centric system threat modeling
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Question: Write two pages about each of the following list (Open-source Risk Management tools)



• CORAS Risk Assessment Platform

• ISO 17799 Risk Assessment Toolkit

• Easy Threat Risk Assessment


• Minaccia

• ThreatMind

• Open Source Requirements Management Tool

The two pages to answer




two pages for

• a subject for a composition or essay.

• a proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof


Give a complete example (Select 2 application from the following list)

1. Threat modeling with Fog Computing NIST Special Publication 800-191

2. Threat modeling of a mobile device

3. Network threat modeling

4. Physical threat modeling

5. Data-Centric System Threat Modeling

6. Using Threat modeling to secure datacenter

7. Surveillance Self Defense: Threat Modeling

8. Threat modeling on social networking

9. Human threat modeling

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