Discuss about language of association and prediction

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Assignment 1: Discussion Question

This module covered the following topics:

• The Language of Association and Prediction

• Pearson Correlation

• The Correlation Matrix

• Simple Regression

• Multiple Regression

By the due date assigned, please post the questions you have about any of the above topics to the Discussion Area. Identify the specific topic and ask a clear, succinct question. Indicate where in the module, text, or WebEx demo your question occurs. This includes technical terms, equations, results, or interpretations.

Then, review your fellow students' questions. Is there anything you can clarify for them? Are you also confused about the same topic? Post your comment to at least two other students by through the end of the module. (The instructor will also expand and clarify.)

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Reference no: EM132184916

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