Discriminant function system score for tax return increases

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Indicate whether the following statements are true or false: A field audit by the IRS is an audit conducted at the IRS field office. A low Discriminant Function System score for a tax return increases the possibility that the return will be selected for audit. The IRS charges interest on underpayments of taxes, but never pays interest on amounts of overpayments of taxes. If a taxpayer fails to file a tax return on its due date, he or she may be subject to a failure-to-file penalty. The tax law includes a penalty for preparing a tax return in a negligent manner. If a taxpayer fails to file a tax return, the IRS may impose both the failure-to-file penalty and the fraud penalty.

Reference no: EM131202207

Under accrual basis accounting revenue

Under accrual basis accounting revenue are recognized when and expense are recognized when _______. Inccured; earned Earned; incurred cash is paid; cash is received cash is re

Allowance method

On February 1, a customer's account balance of $2,400 was deemed to be uncollectible. What entry should be recorded on February 1 to record the write-off assuming the company

What amount of interest income should ms price recognize

The note is to be repaid on December 31, 2014. The prevailing rate of interest for a loan of this type is 10%. The present value of $120,000 at 10% for three years is $90,1

Investment account includes an investment in common stock

The following is a December 31, 2016, post-closing trial balance for Almway Corporation. Account Title Debits Credits Cash 45,000 Investments 110,000 Accounts receivable 60,00

What are two concepts that may be relevant to capital

What is meant by the time value of money, and what are two concepts that may be relevant to the capital budgeting process?

Its expenses included depreciation

Ship-to-Shore had earnings after tax (EAT) of $320,000 last year. Its expenses included depreciation of $52,000, interest of $40,000. It purchased new equipment for $28,000.

Galaxy report as accounts receivable from affiliates

At December 31, 20x1, Galaxy Inc. owned 90% of Wyatt Corp., a consolidated subsidiary, and 20% of Corner Corp., an investee in which Galaxy cannot exercise significant influen

Debate about a national health care plan

Burt is the custodian at Quaker Inn, an S corporation that has paid him bonuses over the years in the form of shares in the corporation. Burt now holds 276 shares in Quaker In


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