Disaster recovery planning

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Using the text and internet research, address the following situation:

You have a small remote office that is running Server 2012, no active directory. You want to back up the Server, including data files. The company has set a aside almost no budget for this project. You need to come up with a backup solution, using Windows Server Backup 2012 utility.


  • The total size information to be backed up is ~100GB
  • The backup should focus on the restoring data as quickly as possible, without the backup impacting normal operations. (i.e. the backup running during the day)

Provide (at least) the following information, including the reasoning for your selection(s):

  • The storage media type you'll use to perform the backup
  • The backup type(s) to be employed
  • The frequency of each backup type(s) employed
  • The rotation schedule for media to include accommodating for off-site storage.

Deliverable #1: This write up should be 2 - 3 paragraphs in length. Graphs, charts and tables maybe used to illustrate you plan. Copy and paste in the Backup Rotation Graph and questions below. Give at least a paragraph answer for each of the 2 questions. Online backup companies are not an option.

Backup Type






(Ex. Full, Diff, Inc, Copy, Daily)






What media will you use and why? (Ex. USB Drive, SAN, DVD, Network share)

Why did you choose to use the backup type you chose?

Reference no: EM131349037

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