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Having read the case thoroughly, and having developed a mastery of the facts of the case, examine. critically, the data presented in the Exhibits. Specifically, for the six lines of data presented in Ex.6, prioritize them in the order of their contribution to Wal*Mart's strategic competitive success. Make sure your answers explain how the company's performance, represented by the particular line of data,. enabled it to do (or not do) something that led to its competitive success.

Explain/justify your analysis and conclusions for each line of data. In other words, if you had to select the analysis of only one line of data to support and justify your explanation elm Wal*Mart's competitive success, which line of data would that be, and what would your explanation be? Then, given the opportunity to add a second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth line of data to your analysis, what would that order be, and what would your explanation for each line be, in terms of that line of data representing dimensions of Wal*Mart's operations and strategy that leads to their success?

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Reference no: EM13268310

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