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1. Differentiate between the technical and behavioral definitions of an organization. Explain whether these definitions are complementary or contradictory. Discuss how these different views relate to information systems.

2. Assess the difference between an Intranet and Extranet. Construct example of how the four business functions could use each one.

3. Distinguish between grid computing, on-demand computing, cloud computing, and autonomic computing. Which do you see having the greatest value to a business? Why?

4. You are working as a project manager for a small IT consulting firm and have been asked to create a plan for reviewing and auditing completed projects in order to gauge their success. Assess the factors you will use to measure the success of a project? What questions would you ask in order to understand why a project succeededor failed?

5. Assess at least three key technology trends that raise ethical issues. Give an example of an ethical or moral impact connected to each one.

Reference no: EM13195964

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