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1.      The Section 1 property coverages provide different types of coverages to an insured. For each of the following coverages, briefly describe the type of coverage provided, and give an example of a loss that would be covered.

a.       Coverage A: Dwelling:

b.      Coverage: Other Structures:

c.       Coverage C: Personal Property:

d.      Coverage D: Loss of Use:

e.       Additional Coverages:

2.      Briefly describe the special limits of liability that apply to certain types of personal property. Why are these special limits used?

3.      List the major exclusions that are found in Section I of the Homeowners 3 Policy.

4.      Briefly describe the duties imposed on the insured under a homeowners policy after a property loss occurs.

5.      A home buyer may obtain a mortgage loan to purchase a house. Explain briefly how the mortgage clause protects the insurable interest of the lending institution (mortgagee).

6.      Briefly explain the personal liability coverage (Coverage E) in Section II of the homeowners policy and provide an example of a loss.

7.      With regard to medical payments to others (Coverage F) in Section II of the homeowners policy:

a.       Briefly explain the coverage that is provided.

b.      Identify the people who are covered for medical payments.

c.       Provide an example of a loss under Coverage F.

8.      List the major exclusions that apply to personal liability (Coverage E) and medical payments to others (Coverage F) in the homeowners policy.

9.      Indicate whether the following losses are covered under Section II of the homeowners policy. Assume there are no special endorsements. Explain your answers.

a.       The named insured's dog bites a neighbor's child and also chews up the neighbor's coat.

b.      A son living at home accidentally injures another player while playing softball.

c.       A guest slips on a waxed kitchen floor and breaks an arm.

d.      A neighbor's child falls off a swing in the named insured's yard and breaks an arm.

e.       The named insured accidentally falls on an icy sidewalk and breaks a leg.

f.       While driving to the supermarket, the named insured injures another motorist with the automobile.

g.      A ward of the court, age 10, in the care of an insured, deliberately breaks a neighbor's window.

h.      The named insured paints houses for a living. A can of paint accidentally spills onto a customer's roof and discolors it.

i.        The named insured falls asleep while smoking a cigarette in a rented hotel room, and the room is badly damaged by the fire.

j.        The named insured borrows a camera, and it is stolen from a motel room while the insured is on vacation.

Reference no: EM131103293

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