Differences between human smuggling and trafficking

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1. Describe and discuss the differences between human smuggling and trafficking. Describe and discuss the similarities and differences between forced labor, involuntary servitude, peonage and debt bondage. Identify one of the Saint Leo Core values and apply it to the discussion. (250 words)

2. As you are aware, it is very important for folks to have a good working knowledge of the law in order to be effective in our efforts related to Domestic and International conflicts and Terrorism. We will continue to examine federal law (U.S. Criminal Code). If someone knows the law they can take steps to develop investigative leads or fragmented information to new levels so suspects can be developed and prosecuted. A note, most states have laws that align to federal statutes.

You may find use of the below federal felony laws (U.S. Criminal Code) that may be applied to all sorts of issues that are identified in your communities. You will see just how easy it is to apply much of the behavior to the various acts that we find in our nation. Be sure to explore our Border Authority and just how vast that provision of the law affords us search authority.

18 USC 2- Principal
18 USC 371- Conspiracy
18-USC 4- Misprison of a Felony
18-1001- False Statements or Omissions
18-USC 1341 and 1342 Mail and Wire Fraud
18-USC Chapter 63 (more offenses)
26-USC Tax Crimes

Explore these statutes and look for other federal crimes (not really interested in drug crime law) that we can apply in the investigation of Terrorism. Be creative and design fictional fact patterns to use as class examples. (250 words)

3. Describe the geographic location and politico-religious background from the Islamic conquest to todays' ISIL/ISIL terrorist offensive of any 3 oppressed minorities in the Middle-East from the list below: Kurds of Kurdistan (politically divided between Turkey, Iraq, Iran & Syria); Druze; 'Alawites; Turkmen; Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Christians; Yazidis/Zoroastrians; Shabakz; Baha'i and Jews before their mass-expulsion in the 1950s-60s.

Reference no: EM13797876

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