Differences between cohort studies and case-control studies

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1. What are the differences among study population, sample, and sampling unit? (100 words)

2. What are the major differences between cohort studies and case-control studies? (100 words)

3. Describe Cross Sectional Surveys. (100 words)

4. Describe the process of writing a research proposal. (100 words)

5. Discuss sample populations. Please provide an example. (100 words)

6. What is the importance of sample size? Give an example. (100 words)

7. Describe how you would develop a questionnaire for a study. (100 words)

8. How would you administer a survey? What are the pros and cons about this? (100 words)

9. What types of studies would require additional assessments? Why?

10. What type of studies can be done using existing data? (100 words)

11. Describe Tertiary studies. (100 words)

Reference no: EM131192571

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