Difference between the asked price and the bid prices

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The spread, which is the difference between the asked price and the bid prices, is a very important factor in the determination of liquidity of the asset or assets being traded. In the capital market a smaller spread between the asked and bid prices is considered a much better liquidity of the assets under consideration. Please expatiate.

Reference no: EM13971938

How long will it take to pay off the mortgage

You decide to take a 30 year mortgage of $150,000 offered by the bank of Montreal. Instead of making the monthly payment of $957.68 every month, you can make half the payment

Annualized holding period return

John purchased 100 shares of Black Forest Inc. stock at a price of $159.03 three months ago. He sold all stocks today for $160.20. During this period the stock paid dividends

Her investment have an average annual return

Stacy would like to have $1 million available to her at retirement. Her investment have an average annual return of 11 percent . If she makes contributions of $300 per month,

Experiencing rapid economic growth

In 1995, the Thai baht is pegged to a basket of currencies. Assume that the baht exchange rate is set at 25 baht per U.S. dollar. Thailand is experiencing rapid economic growt

Corporation with taxable income

A corporation with a taxable income of $50 million is considering a new venture that would generate an additional $500,000 per year in taxable income. How much additional fede

Received bailout money improved their profitability

Please discuss. The financial institutions in the USA that received bailout money improved their profitability. Did the tax payers receive the appropriate return on their inve

Weight used for equity in the computation of Sports WACC

Sports Corp has 10.3 million shares of common stock outstanding, 5.3 million shares of preferred stock outstanding, and 1.3 million bonds. If the common shares are selling for

Like ordinary stocks-exchange traded funds

Treasury bond yields are commonly used as the basis for yield curves because they are low risk and homogeneous in nature. The mutual fund, and not the investor, is responsible


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