Difference between nominal interest and real interest rate

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1 A. Would you rather earn a 4 % nomical or 4% real interest rate? Explain by describing the difference between nominal and real variables.

B.Suppose that inflatiion evarages 3% over the next few years. Would ou rather experience a constant 3% inflation or an inflation that was randomly 2% or 4% explain?

2.When the federal reserve rears that inflation is imminent, the fed tends to push up interest rates which leads to higher unemployment rates.Does the Fed not care what jobs are lost? Explain

Reference no: EM1311122

Maximizing return ratio

If you have a certain amount of money invested in stock market for a moment of time, then there is an expected return on that investment, and a risk, a variance in that return

What was the average annual growth of the price level

In 1947 in the United States, nominal GDP was $237 billion and real GDP was $1,771 billion in 2005 dollars. In 2011, nominal GDP was $14,869 billion and real GDP was $13,228 b

Interest differential between sa and the usa

1. Compare the 12 month forward spread with the interest differential between SA and the USA 2. Calculate the interest parity one-year forward rate and compare it with the a

Why does the government grant patents to companies

What would happen if the government chooses to increase the number of years that a firm can enjoy patent protection from 20 years to 25 years? Why does the government grant

Important member of the board of directors only have

Important member of the Board of Directors only have some basic training in economics. So you should explain your results intuitively and use the language so that people wit

Can the fed keep buying up the government bonds floated

Consider the situation of the US debt and deficit Is the deficit and the debt a problem to be dealt with or not Explain. Why do those who worry say it is different from the

Explain impact the equilibriumn price nd quantity of generic

the manager of a firm that produces and markets a generic type of soft drink in a competitive market. In addition to the large number of generic products in your market, you

Computation of exchange rate

Suppose the CFO of a German corporation with surplus cash flow has 1 million Euros to invest. Suppose that interest rates on 1-year CD deposits in U.S. banks


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