Difference between implied informed and special consents

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Most healthcare organizations live by the rule, "If it was not documented, it was not done." What does this statement mean and why would it matter to CMS, the Joint Commission, or any regulatory agency?

What is the difference between implied, informed, and special consents?

Reference no: EM13978396

Explain each theory carefully

Be sure to explain each theory carefully and THEN evaluate it. You should have at least 3 sources. Start withhttp://www.iep.utm.edu/ and http://plato.stanford.edu/ . Remember

Explain reason you choose the educational strategy you did

Describe cultural barriers to disease prevention and health promotion in the population. This might include things such as CAM, language, religious beliefs and so on.

Describe specifically how the plant has adapted

Describe how your chosen plant has adapted to its current environment. Does the plant use photosynthesis? Does it compete with other plants? How does the plant adjust to tem

Why are you interested in observing the particular

DEFINE ethnography. SELECT a group that you would be interested in observing. Why are you interested in observing the particular group and what sociological question would you

Nutritious food to lead healthy

Food security means that everyone has an adequate amount of nutritious food to lead healthy lives. Research and describe 1 specific program that helps developing countries r

Calculate the coefficient of variation

If George's other product lines have an average coefficient of variation of 12 percent, what can you say about the risk of the Go-Rilla Project relative to the average risk

What is your countys plan to address these issues

What are the demographics (e.g., age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, employment status, and education makeup, if available) of your county?What are the identified most pre

Developing country, and discuss the fundamental action

Select one (1) developing country, and discuss the fundamental actions that the leadership of the selected country is-or is not-taking to improve the living standards of its p


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