Difference between a dns resolver and a dns root server

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Question 1

Given the following network in Figure 1, construct the routing table of router R1:


Question 2:

Consider the following UDP header dump:


a) Identify the source port number.

b) Identify the destination port number.

c) What is the length of the data?

d) Is it a packet from the client to the server or vice versa?

e) What is the client process?

Question 3

Given the following IPv6 addresses in hexadecimal colon notation, answer the following questions. Where applicable provide your answers in fully expanded hexadecimal colon notation.

a) What is the full (expanded) address of the abbreviated IPv6 address FDEC::CF:0:FFFF?

b) What is the type of block of the abbreviated IPv6 address 2001:A100:FC1::A4B8:AE12:3217:FCBA?

c) What is the type of address of the abbreviated IPv6 address 0::FFFF:

Question 4:

With reference to Domain Name System,

a) What is partially qualified domain name (PDQN), and what assumption is made by a DNS resolver when processing it?

b) Explain the difference between a DNS resolver and a DNS root server.

Reference no: EM131059434

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