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Question: This movie follows King George VI's journey from a man unable to voice his thoughts to someone who is able to overcome his disability. I would like you to do a little research on King George VI to better understand the socio-political and historical context of the movie.

1. What kind of person was King George VI in real life (not just the movie)?

2. What role did he play in history? Why was he important?

3. So far, do you think the movie is reflecting what your research has told you about his lives?

4. So far, what have you noticed about the intonation of the British and/or Australian characters versus Americans here in the Midwest? Have you noticed other differences in the way they talk?

5. In terms of the culture portrayed here, what have you observed regarding power distance?

Do not use Wikipedia, and do not copy your information.

Use MLA citations.

We will watch the second part of the King's Speech and answer questions. Again, you have five points for coming, and ten for answering the questions.

We will begin watching this movie at 50:50.

Please answer the following questions: Questions for ESL 105/SPE 101 Wednesday King's Speech

1. Describe the relationship between the duke (King George VI and his wife) as you perceive it from these first parts of the movie.

2. How has the relationship between the duke/King George VI and Lionel (the speech therapist) evolved from the beginning of the movie to the end of today, Wednesday?

3. The duke suffers from a stammer or stuttering condition. What are the effects of this condition on his personal life, on his self-esteem, and his self-efficacy? Give examples from the movie.

4. Can you relate with the duke's feelings when he speaks? Have you ever felt the fear, frustration, or anger he obviously exhibits? Explain.

5. Sometimes the characters do not communicate their feelings clearly with each other. Could you give examples of this from the movie?

6. Was anyone's speech difficult to understand?

7. Did the curse words in the movie offend you? Why did George VI use them and do you think this was necessary to the movie?

Reference no: EM132184148

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