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Before the sexual revolution initiated by 'the pill,' men were a more integral part of family planning and other reproductive health concerns than they are today. If a couple wished to use contraception, their options were limited primarily to methods requiring a man's participation - withdrawal, periodic abstinence or condoms.

Hormonal methods for women, beginning with the first oral contraceptives in 1960, and the subsequent development of intrauterine devices and modern surgical sterilization, led to the development of a family planning services community focused on women, often to the exclusion of men. Today's challenge, as expressed by the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo, is to enhance male responsibility for family planning by expanding services in ways that protect the reproductive health of both men and women, and by encouraging greater sensitivity to gender issues. Explain how hormonal contraceptives physiologically affect women and men. Describe and explain your views. Be sure to reference any outside resource you use in your post.

Reference no: EM13821119

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