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It is graded based on the development of critical thinking, analysis, and support for points. You are to prepare a brief paper, but recommended length is about two - three single-spaced (four to six double-spaced) pages for the body of your text, based on the following:

Choose an organization that you work for, or one with which you are familiar. Using the information on organizations and teams in Olson's Project Management as a starting point, describe the following for the organization you have chosen:

  • the formal organization structure (functional, matrix, project based, or a hybrid of these) that currently exists
  • informal structures and relationships and how they affect work
  • how teams are formed
  • how teams are managed

Discuss the positive or negative effects the existing formal and informal structures are having on projects within the organization (or might have if you do not have information on current projects). Finally, discuss what changes might be made in the organization to improve team management and project performance. Be certain to support your arguments for change, including citing at least two references in addition to Olson's Project Management. References should be obtained from UMUC Library Databases of your choice (Use the Library Databases link under Library on the upper right menu of Web Tycho) and may include sources from scholarly or professional journals. Use APA format for citations. I can supply whatever you need in order to get it completed if you need the the required reading and also the login into the library resources please let me know so we can discuss.  this is for a information technology project management course so please write from that scope and please write in a clear and understandable way.

Reference no: EM131220661

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