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Question 1: Which of the following is LEAST likely to affect young children's choices of nutritional intake?

A. Waxing and waning appetites

B. Food preferences

C. Social context of eating

D. Desire to make safe choices

Question 2: Because of the degree of myelinization, by age five:

A. formal instructions can begin.

B. complex motor abilities are possible.

C. fine motor controls are limited.

D. reasoning is possible.

Question 3: According to contemporary theorists, an understanding of the effects of one's behaviors on others develops as a child's:

A. object permanence.

B. theory of mind.

C. sensorimotor operations.

D. theory of operations.

Question 4: The development of social competence during ages four and five years depends on:

A. social learning through role models.

B. perspective-taking ability.

C. an awareness of the effects of one's behaviors on others.

D. All of the above

Question 5: For centuries, philosophers, psychologists, and theorists have hypothesized that:

A. children outgrow most early life behaviors.

B. personality is not truly formed until puberty.

C. events in early years influence later development.

D. events in early years can be effectively ameliorated.

Question 6: It is important to remember that language development and communicative competence influences:

A. cognitive development.

B. cognitive and social development.

C. cognitive, social, and emotional intelligence.

D. cognitive, social, emotional intelligence, and cultural competence.

Question 7: Fine motor development refers to:

A. abilities to write with precision.

B. refinement of large motor control.

C. coordinated movements of the extremities.

D. coordinated movement of the hands.

Question 8: Which theory promotes the idea that children in different cultures develop ideas, e.g., about roles that people play in different situations?

A. Information-processing theory

B. Language theory

C. Multiple intelligences perspective

D. Sociocultural perspective

Question 9: Conventional spelling that young children learn through direct instruction is called:

A. developmental spelling.

B. public spelling.

C. alphabetic principle.

D. invented spelling.

Question 10: Ideas about gender and gender roles are revealed by children ages 6 through 8 years old by:

A. choice of playmates.

B. choice of games.

C. choice of play themes and amount of physical activity.

D. All of the above

Question 11: When hearing impaired young children learn American Sign Language (ASL) they:

A. go through stages of development distinct from children learning to speak.

B. go through similar stages of development as those children learning to speak.

C. eventually learn to speak.

D. internalize more scripts and sequence events in a less sophisticated way than children learning to speak.

Question 12: Piaget concludes that for younger children in the preoperational stage of development thought is bound by:

A. experiences and the environment.

B. perception.

C. sensory experiences.

D. transitions.

Question 13: Wide variations in the rate of children's literacy development are explained best by:

A. genetics.

B. eye-hand coordination.

C. infinite variations in experience.

D. universal patterns of learning.

Question 14: For preadolescent children, gender identity is NOT seen as:

A. membership knowledge.

B. gender typicality.

C. gender contentedness.

D. sexual curiosity.

Question 15: Tia Marie has been learning two languages simultaneously. What should parents and teachers expect of Tia's language development by 5 years of age?

A. That she will blend parts of words from both languages into the same word

B. That she will mix words of different languages in sentences

C. That she will keep the two language systems distinct

D. That she will begin to speak only one of the languages

Question 16: The childs prehension, dexterity, eye-hand coordination, and large motor movements abilities facilitate:

A. skilled handwriting.

B. awareness that print conveys meaning.

C. a physically active lifestyle.

D. enjoyment of movement.

Question 17: The suggestion that one's attention is not limited by memory constraints, but is influenced by such things as the children's interests is called:

A. information processing theory.

B. information processing interest theory.

C. levels of processing theory.

D. multiple levels of processing theory.

Reference no: EM131445108

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