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Some companies operate without developing strategies by copying competitors' successful competitive decisions. Others insist on creating a clear strategy. The challenge of developing a clear, sustainable strategy depends on a reliable process, research and information, executive alignment, and most of all leadership. Imagine you are CEO of a company. How would you lead your company -- with or without a strategy? Why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each decision?

Reference no: EM13843807

How is it that tort law is inadequate to deal with crime

Explain the following quote from Richard Epstein: " The moral case behind strict liability is that the distribution of gains and losses matters as much as the total size of th

Discuss possible product liability theories that would apply

In early 2010,Toyota issued a recall for over 8,000,000 vehicles because there were increasing complaints about a sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) issue. Discuss the possi

What concepts of scientific management are useful today

What concepts of scientific management are useful today? Is there any remaining use of time and motion studies, of standard times, or of man-machine interaction studies?

Finding probability based on gravity model

The hunt is on: Rich's 13 year old daughter Alexandra is going to give him an introductory trombone concert later in the day, and he wants to purchase earplugs before then.

What are some possible explanations for the complaints

When repair costs were analyzed, the manager found that the average cost of repair had actually decreased relative to what it was before the increase in staff. What are some

Five strategies for marketing training to internal customers

What are some different strategies to involve learners in a training session and how to facilitate discussions. What are five strategies for marketing training to internal cus

Describe how these improvements might be implemented

Suggest specific improvements that could be made in these functions and why (cite principles you have learned). Describe how these improvements might be implemented and sustai

Question on value of operations

Leak Inc. forecasts the free cash flows (in millions) shown below. Assume that the ROIC is expected to remain constant in Year 2 and beyond (and do not make any half-year adju


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