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1. In many organizations, marketing does not have a place of importance in the organizational hierarchy. Why do you think this happens? What are the consequences for a firm that gives little importance to marketing relative to other business functions?

2. Defend or contradict this statement: Developing marketing strategy is more important than implementing marketing strategy because, if the strategy is flawed, its implementation doesn’t matter.

3.  Few companies have been able to master the arts of product innovation, a “cool” brand image, and customer evangelism like Apple. After nearly collapsing under a cloud of bankruptcy in the mid-1990s, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was able to save the company he created through product innovation, a masterful marketing program, and an entrepreneurial corporate culture. This case reviews Apple’s history and remarkable comeback with an eye toward the marketing strategies that created the company’s success. The case also examines many of the challenges faced by a company that continually pushes the boundaries of marketing practice to stay on top of the consumer electronics and computer industries.

a. How has Apple developed extreme loyalty among consumers that has resulted in an almost cult-like following?

b. Describe the role of Apple stores as an important part of its marketing strategy.

c. What will Apple need to do to maintain product innovation and customer loyalty?

Reference no: EM13266786

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