Developing good research requires establishment of sample

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Developing good research requires the establishment of a sample that is representative of the population you are evaluating. Using the online Ashford Library databases, identify an article that selects a sample from which research is conducted using ethical principles. Briefly describe what type of sample the research utilizes and what methods they use to collect the sample. Determine if you think this is a representative sample and if you think the methods used to get the sample were scientific and ethical. Just a simple write up. 

Reference no: EM13180837

Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy

Based on current events, describe the state of nuclear energy and its peaceful uses in at least one country.  In your opinion, which is the greater threat – the use of nucle

Calculate the power reflectance from surface of glass

An EM wave is normally incident from air (n=1) to a piece of glass with index of refraction n = 1.45. Find the power reflectance from the front surface of the glass slide.

Examine the future of health care in the united states

Examine the future of health care in the United States. Look back to your own definition of the healthcare system posted in Week One. How would you define it now after study

Explain the nature of writing and writing instruction

Summarize and synthesize what writing scholars have learned about the nature of writing and writing instruction from your sources, integrating quotes and paraphrase into you

Discuss about the applied social psychology

Applied social psychology is a field unto itself and provides researchers with a direct connection between academic social psychology and their desire to have an impact on s

Single-server queue in accordance with poisson process

Customers arrive at a single-server queue in accordance with a Poisson process having rate ?. However, an arrival that finds n customers already in the system will only join t

Who was an early proponent of functionalism

Dr. Braunz has been treating a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She decides to write a prescription for Ritalin. Given this information, it is most likel

Distinguish beliefs-values and customs

Write down the difference between beliefs, values and customs. Show how the clothing the person wears at different times is influenced by customs.


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