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A specialty restaurant has developed a single drive-through window. Customers order, pay, and pick up their food at the same window. Arrivals follow a Poisson distribution, while service times follow an exponential distribution. If the average number of arrivals is six (6) per hour and the service rate is two (2) every fifteen (15) minutes, what is the average number of customers in the system?

Reference no: EM13993528

Delta in productivity metrics compared to cos

Saddleback Hospital currently receives more than 50,000 boxes of pharmaceutical supplies per month. All of these items are manually inspected and logged to ensure adequate rec

Researching the transformation of a cultural value

Write an outlines for a research paper on the impact and influence of the print media in the United States on the formation of culture by researching the transformation of a c

Leadership exclude reliance on formal authority

Is leadership just another word for influence? Can you think of some examples of influence that you would not consider leadership? Some definitions of leadership exclude relia

Is leadership just another word for influence

Some people say it dilutes a leader’s authority if subordinates are allowed to give feedback to the leader concerning their perceptions of the leader’s performance. Do you agr

Efficient way for a business to combat the spam problem

Examine the problems with SPAM and then offer an efficient way for a business to combat the spam problem. Be sure you define SPAM, indicate you know where SPAM originates and

Improve the effectiveness of their recruiting activities

How can blogs and webcasts enable companies to improve the effectiveness of their recruiting activities? What are the possible difficulties that can arise from reliance on the

What legal action can klint take against zeitar

Klint Microsystems, a microprocessor manufacturer, was contracted by Zeitar Studios to manufacture specially designed microchips to be used in an audio engineering process. Ze

Materialism impact the physical environment

Describe how consumption and materialism impact the physical environment? Give a few examples. Can our society continue to practice materialism and at the same time still beco


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