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Media-Enhanced Product Project:

1. You will be responsible for developing a media-enhanced product. You might view the media-enhanced product as an instrument to inform or illustrate some important aspect of technology underlying the production of multimedia.

2. One of the biggest challenges in developing multimedia products lies in problems with distribution. Often, products that work perfectly on the machine on which they were developed fail to run or perform erratically on other computers. You are responsible for developing products that are distribution-ready. For the purposes of this course, distribution-ready means:

• Submitted as either a compressed (zipped) file via the Blackboard dropbox or as a Web page with the URL submitted in the applicable Blackboard assignment

• If submitted as a compressed file, the file must include any necessary runtime software to make the product executable

• If submitted as a Web page, the page must be loaded on your server

• Regardless of the method of distribution, be sure to include a "Read me" file that contains detailed, specific instructions for using your submission

3. The media-enhanced product must be interactive and include media elements from at least three media families (i.e., text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, color, etc.)

4. Your media-enhanced product should have a runtime of between three and five minutes.

5. The media-enhanced product must be accompanied by three elements of written documentation: a requirements specification, navigation map, and storyboards. The Syllabus and Course Text section of the course's Blackboard site contains two PowerPoint documents with brief descriptions of these items of documentation.

6. Multimedia presentations will be evaluated on the basis of:

• Content
• Flow
• Documentation
• Effectiveness, quality, and appropriateness of the media elements used

7. Refer to the assignment schedule for specific topics and due dates for the Media-Enhanced Product Project.

As mentioned above, you might view the media-enhanced product as an instrument to inform or illustrate some important aspect of technology underlying the production of multimedia. Accordingly, choose from the following a topic for your media-enhanced product:

1. Examining media elements: Graphics. Example topics include:

• Bitmapped vs. vector
• Pictures vs. graphics
• Compression algorithms
• Strengths and weaknesses of popular graphic file formats (i.e. gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif, etc.)
• Selecting the correct graphic format

2. Examining media elements: Sounds . Example topics include:

• Analog vs. digital
• Digitizing sounds
• Synthesizing sounds
• Selecting the correct sound format

3. Examining media elements: Videos. Example topics include:

• Analog vs. digital
• Codecs and compression
• Streaming video
• Selecting the correct video format

4. Examining media elements: Animation . Example topics include:

• Cell versus computer animation
• Animation techniques
• Making animations appear natural.

Attachment:- Multimedia-Project-Requirements.rar

Reference no: EM131169005

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