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ASSESSMENT: Research Plan

This assessment is designed to allow students to develop the expertise necessary to formulate practical and usable research questions to resolve business problems and add to business knowledge, taking into consideration existing literature and any ethical considerations. It is the essential start to constructing and justifying a proposal for conducting independent research question. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, c and d

This research plan will set as a basis for Research Proposal.

Following consultation with the lecturer or tutor, you should identify a problem which may be answered by research - you will be guided towards a suitable research problem in tutorials during weeks 2 - 5 (inclusive).

Based on the problem identified, you should identify relevant sub-problems, research questions, and provide a brief background to the research question, why it is an issue, and what outcomes the research may produce. Literature review plan & data collection plan. A brief discussion of any ethical considerations should be included.

Given the importance of relevance to Accounting in BUS707, please note that the research topics must be accounting-based topics. Some of the initial suggestions for the topics are:

Analysis of significant project in the students' work experiences, such as:

  • Accounting standards
  • Accounting regulation in Australia
  • Accounting and/or Auditing ethics
  • Use of financial rations in corporate accounting
  • Multidimensional performance assessment, for example, using the balanced scorecard to evaluate performance on financial and non-financial bases
  • The effect of accounting information and auditing on the design of organisation, and on the ensuing behaviour of individuals and groups.
  • Accountants and/or auditors' responsibilities and contributions toward corporate governance
  • Application of accounting and economic research to a specific business problem i.e sustainability initiative
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Technology implementation in accounting and finance
  • Innovation in accounting and its impact to business
  • Impact of organisational culture on the procedure and technique of accounting
  • Research based on cases reported by the courts, ASIC, APRA, ASC


Topics may also be identified from the suggestion for further research from articles published in relevant journal articles

The list of topics above are only initial suggestions and will be refined and expanded in discussion with tutors/research supervisors.

The research plan should addresses the following information:

  • Suggested research title
  • Partner organisation (if applicable)
  • Underlying research problem
  • Research Objectives
  • Research Questions
  • Literature (source and keywords)
  • Data collection plan
  • Ethical Consideration

Propose reserch ttile:
What is the title of your report'

Client Organisation (if applicable)
Who is your client organisation
Note : you don't need to mention the organisastion's name if you want to keep it confidential just provide an overview of the organisatioal background (the industry, number of employees, your connection to the organisation, if any)

Research Background
What specific problem does your industry partner face ?
OR if you don't use industry partner : what specific problem will your research project resolve and try to resolve
Why is it important to solve this problem

Research Problem / Research Question
Based on the underlying problem addressed above, what research questions will guide your reseach ?
Formulate more specific research questions

Research Aim and Objective
What does your research aim to explore/investigate/do ?

Keywords for Literature Review
Keywords : what keywords will you use in your search for relevant literature, which will then be the foundation of your literature review.

Publication details of relevant articles for literature review
Relevant articles : list down publication details of four relevant articles you will use as the main references in your literature review (assessment 3)
Please note, for the main articles you must only use academic (peer-reviewed) journal articles.

Data Collection Plan
Type of data needed (primary or secondary data), how will you collect your data ?
Note : no need for details, just provide general overview of what kind of data you want to collect/analyse i.e surveys, in- depth interview, focus groups, document analysis

Ethical Consideration
List down the principal ethical consideration of your research in relation to participants (confidentiality, communiation, integrity)

Attachment:- Research Plan Template.rar

Verified Expert

he assignment needed us to write a research paper as per the given template. We have chosen the topic: Innovation in accounting and its impact to business The references are put in " Publication details of relevant articles for literature review" section and not separately at the end.

Reference no: EM132280162

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HI please give me a quote on this following assignment. its 1000 words and need to be done in given templete. thanks Please remember there is no guarantee of an extension being granted, and poor organisation is not a satisfactory reason to be granted an extension.


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Submission Details Individual Assessment Word limit: 1000 words (±10%) (excluding reference list) You need to state the word count of the assessment on the cover page. The response should be professionally presented using the template provided (see below), in Arial 10pt or Times New Roman 12pt, single space. Harvard (Anglia) style referencing. Submission deadline Week 5 – Saturday 13, by 11.59pm Softcopy to be uploaded Turnitin via Moddle links


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Criteria % Marks Identify research problem, providing an understanding of the background to the problem in respect to significance & clarity 20% Identify a suitable research objective and research questions relevance to research problem 20% Present a foundation for the literature review by demonstrating adequate keywords and identifying 4 (four) highly relevant sources. 20% Clearly identify ethical considerations; 20% Apply relevant skills and knowledge of research, the wider context of the problem and the inter-relationships between them; 10 % Present the information in a professional manner with correct referencing 10 %

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