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See the attached Database file (store and Regional sales)>!!

The database contains raw data on weekly store sales of computer equipment in various sales regions. You'll be using access to manage the data and turn it into useful information.

The database includes fields for record number, store identification number, sales region, item number, item description, unit price, units sold, and the weekly sales period when the sales were made.

Develop some reports and queries to make this information more useful for running the business. Sales and production managers want answers to the following questions:

1. which products should be restocked?

2. which stores and sales regions would benefit from a promotional campaign and additional marketing?

3. When (what time of year) should products be offered at full price and when should discounts be used?

You can easily modify the database table to find and report your answers print your reports and results of queris and if you modify it explain why did you do that.


Reference no: EM13946420

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